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Forex trading crash course

The secret in successfully trading Forex

The following trade secrets will hopefully make your journey into currency trading a bit easier.  Some may sound like common sense and others are just pointers to give you the best possible chance of making some money. The 10am rule Although the markets are open for twenty four hours a day, this doesn’t mean that […]

Can you eliminate brokers from your trading platform?

Just because you have been a victim of a fraudulent forex broker, you probably would want to think that you’ll be far better with your trading career minus these forex market’s fraudsters. You can always think whatever you want however there are fixed things that we can’t go about no matter how much we want […]

Forex market: what trade system works well?

To say that there is one best forex trading system is like saying there’s a man in the moon because no matter how much one claims that he got the best trading system, it is still dependent on the trader who’s using it. One system can be best for one but not necessarily the best […]

Keys to successful Forex day trading

The term day trading might be a little confusing to some who might think that it denotes that the traders are only interested in doing business while there are sunrays. However the principle definition of a Forex day trader would be based on how long one takes doing Forex trade and the procedures involved. Day […]

Use of different signals & indicators in forex trading

Foreign exchange or more commonly as we known, forex is a term that refers currency trade market that is spread in several countries around the world. It is called by many names including spot FX, FX & retail forex. The major attraction about forex trading market is its fast growth and per day transaction volume […]

An overview of martingale and basket trading strategies

There are several forex trading strategies and here in this article we will explain two such strategies, one is known as basket strategy & the other mMartingale Strategyartingale strategy. These strategies are quite useful in increasing profits and every forex trader should have some knowledge of how these work. According to this strategy traders need […]

Forex strategies – why they fail

If you were looking for a way to get quick wealth then you’ve come to the wrong place. Yes, the Foreign exchange market can let you earn big profit, but there are no current Forex strategies that will promise you of a positive profit every time you trade. People mistakenly perceive currency trading as a […]

Top 10 tips on choosing correct forex trading platform

For a person trying to make use of a forex trading platform, it is necessary to get right details before utilizing it is vital. By making use of these details it will become easier to make correct choice of platform which will be beneficial for the trader. Top 10 Tips on Choosing a Forex Trading […]

An insight into usefulness of bollinger bands

Bollinger bands serve the purpose of judging market volatility and forex traders use them to know whether forex market is active or quiet. In case of upper band the prices are high while in lower bands the opposite is seen. For forex traders it is easy to compare price indicator activity as well as price […]

Trading hours and their use in forex trading

A well known thing that attracts new traders towards forex trading is the hours of operation and it is made popular as a twenty four hour market. New traders join the forex market hoping to earn a lot more than they would in other markets by utilizing more time in trading. But it is worth […]

Various Forex Automated Trading Systems and Their Benefits

In the next few sections we will look at some of the common automated forex trading techniques used nowadays. These auto forex trading systems include EA Shark 6.0, ProFx 2.0, EA Sigma 4.0, FX Pulse 1.0 and similar other automatic forex trading systems. EA Shark 6.0 If you are looking for highly rewarding as well […]

Online Forex trading – 5 tips for prosperous Forex trading

Most people who decide to try forex trading often do so out of the desire for quick wealth and fortune. This is unfortunately due to the fact that many trainers present forex as such. The sad thing about this is that when people get into forex trading with this mindset, they end up losing a […]

Forex options: traditional option and spot trading explained

Understanding Forex options is not difficult; it simply means that the trader will have the chance of making money using the risk he has put himself into. In currency exchange, options are usually categorized into two – the traditional option (call/put) and the SPOT (Single-Payment-Option Trading). Traditional Option (call/put) This type of Forex options provides […]

How to trade binary options online

Trading binary options used to be a difficult and complicated thing to do. Today, however, thanks to the constant improvement in technology and, to be more specific, online trading, it is now possible to trade binary options online as long as you have access to the Internet. And if you do it right, you will […]

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